Thursday, 26 March 2009

Late (lost?) exam results in Nairobi

Latest news from Mike:

Thank you too for keeping me in contact all the time when I do write to you.

How is every body over there in the parish of Abbas? I think every body is busy as per now in different activities been carried out in the parish..

We are doing fine except in the university where every body is furious about the delay of the exam results. The administration said the results are not yet seen from the software so we are still waiting for what is next: whether to re-do the exams or to get the list of the results from the lecturers. I know my supporters are expecting the results so sorry for that but I will inform you about it if every thing goes well.

Greetings to all the family members and those supporting me.
Your brother in Christ,

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Fundraising event - can you help?

Winterborne Whitechurch PCC are holding a car boot sale at the village hall on 28th March. I am planning to ask for a space so that I can run a second hand book stall, and hopefully raise some money towards Mike Yemba's support. Any donations of books would be much appreciated. They can be left in Winterborne Whitechurch church or Winterborne Stickland church, or you can e-mail me to come and pick them up.

News from Nairobi 15th March 09

Dear Jenn,How are you doing over there?We are all doing fine with Mogga and my friends although there was some violence in the city. Our university is around 12 km from the city, so we are not much affected by the violence taking place. We are safe; don't worry about us.
It was my dad that I lost when I was young and my mum is still living although others were lost and disappeared during the war. My mum also disappeared during the war and came back after some time. That's when they happened to know that she is alive.
Robin wrote to me and has told me his plans of coming.
I think all of you are busy right now for the happy Lent season that is taking place. I pray all that you're doing may be blessed and God will grant you more for what you have done.
I will be grateful to see the photos of my British friends and those supporting me .May God bess them for making my future brighter. Have a blessed spring weather change for the better. Work to be done! We have been experiencing dry and hot weather with no rain since December upto now.God bless you all, Yemba
(The photo is Mike Yemba at home in Rokon during the Christmas vacation. He's "helping mum during her absence cooking.")

Friday, 13 March 2009

What's Juba like?

To read a wonderfully vivid description of Juba, please see Trevor and Tina Stubbs' blog for 9th March at:

Latest from Mike

How are you doing and the family at large?About the photos: I took them in Rokon where we now live in our ancestral land (since it was the war which displaced our people during the war) except the one in the church which was taken in Kera during Christmas time. Since I grew up with Mama Linda from my child hood I have been calling her mum and Bishop Francis as dad. If my mum is among them I have to differentiate by calling them mama Kiden or mama Linda - not for me alone even other brothers and sisters do the same.
I will hear from Robin of when he is coming to Nairobi.I will be grateful if you can send for me the computer because as per now that is what I am lacking and I usually face difficulties in doing my assignments and accessing other things from the internet.
I thank God for choosing you to answer my prayers through you.
I will search for some photos showing the different tree species but I think it will delay a bit because I don't have them as per now but think the soil and weather differences create a wide difference in our place since our place is mostly hot.
I know how you feel now very happy and thanking God for your son's step daughter snce you are to be called great grand mum. Greeting to them and wish them happy moments.You mean knitting using your own hand or machine? I thought that you don't know about these things. Then it is the same among all of us - that’s what our people do for their children. I thank you for all that you are doing to me. May God bless you all. Greetings to all the family members and those who are supporting me in my career.
Your brother in Christ Yemba

Our friend - Mike not Mark + Mama Linda's travels

Dear Jenny,

Thank you so much and accept my apologies for not responding to your email prompt. However, I am now in Juba since yesterday and will travel after a few days to Rokon. Many greetings from home in Rokon.

Yes, you are right and I think the right name for Yemba is Michael or Mike Yemba Soro. The other Mark is not real one as all his papers are carrying Michael Yemba Soro.

Mama Linda is in Nairobi visiting those of our children there and she will be back soon to Kampala to visit other children too. Later on she will join us in the diocese.

Jenny, the only connection with us is through prayers Link and hopefully one day we will be together.

Thank you for your continuous support for Michael Yemba Soro.

God bless,

Bishop Loyo.

Monday, 2 March 2009

News from Sudan

Bishop Francis' latest e-mail reads as follows:

Dear Jenny,

It is a long time since we communicated.

Yes, I have been engaged so much in church work in the diocese and difficult to connect because of lack of communication , - no internet services in my place.

However, most of the programmes are done except that some confirmation and the synod will soon come. At the moment am in Kampala for some few days and will go back to the Sudan.

Some two weeks ago there was convention in our diocese organised by the Mothers Union in the diocese where it brought all people from the diocese and its neighbouring dioceses .It was very challenging indeed and many still turned to Christ that was in the end of Jan,09.

And by the 12th Feb,09 we have retreat organised by the ECS Province ,where we were blessed with the two Archbishops to carry us along with the retreat for a week. Archbishop George Cary as well as Archbishop Orombi of the Church of Uganda and other Bishops from USA.

I have read the correspondences from Mike Yemba of the support for his upkeep has not yet reached although you told him that you have already sent. You have to cross check with the CMS-Nairobi with Omukuba Wycliffe whether the support money has arrived with them.

This is to assure you of our thoughts and prayers to you all.

This comes with much appreciations and thanks,

+Francis Loyo.

News from Nairobi

Mark's latest e-mail reads as follows:

"Dear Jenny, How are you doing over there? I hope you had a wonderful mass today like mine because the pastor was preaching about St Paul's letter to the Galatians which was interesting and understandable.I have just received some of the photo's that we took during the Christmas and i did not send to you immediately because i was expecting them. During our arrival, in church during Christmas, helping mum in her absence, cooking, clearing the compound. I hope they are nice. I did not hear from you about the neighbour who is coming to Nairobi - when am i expecting him? your brother in Christ Mike "
Oops! Mike? It seems I have been mis-calling our friend for 6 months. I am so sorry!
The good news is that donations have now passed £3,000.
I am trying to do my bit by running a Christian bookstall anywhere I am allowed to. New books (10% of cost goes to support Mike) and/or second-hand books can both be offered. All the second-hand books are donated by people who wanted to get behind the idea of a Christian bookstall in rural communities, so all the takings from these go to support Mike. I praise the Lord for all of you!