Friday, 29 May 2009

Six Months in Sudan

I have been knocked out. First there was the generosity of the friend, who dropped "Six Months in Sudan" through my door, with the most kindly note. Secondly there was the book itself.

Having read, I treasure even more the photos of Kera, with its healthy children and the clean environment. Truly a miracle in the midst of what was, then, the most terrible war. I know I keep on saying, "These people have nothing." Each time I think I have finally realised fully what that means. But I never have. Always there is another landmine of truth on the path to understanding.

If your heart is open to Sudan and its people, you might like to walk the path of understanding too. One way to begin (or bravely continue) is with the eyewitnes testimony:

I know I should say a word of caution. Sudan is an enormous country: the biggest in Africa. Its geography is very varied. Perhaps we could just see Abyei as a way to begin to understand a little better that a civil war and its suffering does not finally end with the peace agreement.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Summer vacation coming up

How are you doing over there? The slip I sent you last time shows the next years fees structure. You can check the second year first semester and get the amount which we are to pay for the August semester.

About the 589 pounds what do you mean? The amount I am remaining with in my account or that we are to pay next semester? Sorry for the confusion on my side.

I am already planning to go to Sudan minus meeting Robin.

Greetings to every body over there and wish you a happy time. I know it will be hard to communicate to you but I will try my best I am going to miss you people because communicating to you is like living together with you all. God bless you all, your brother in Christ Mike

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A great day out - and support for Mike Yemba

Most unusually, I haven't heard from Mike this week, so I expect all the students have had to take the December exams again, and are busy with those. (You will remember that the University lost all the marks in its computer system.)

So I hope you won't mind a message from me.

On 16th May, the Winterborne and Milton Abbas Benefice will be holding its annual Valley Walk. This gives those taking part a chance to walk from Turnworth to Milton Abbas in five easy and very beautiful stages, stopping at each of the benefice churches on the way. Or you could just do one stage, or two or three - whatever you like. We finish at Milton Abbas, where a most wonderful tea is always provided in the Reading Room. As well as having a great day out in (usually) brilliant May weather - but do pray for that, if you will - we also have the opportunity to be sponsored, and to raise money for our churches and a good cause. This year, the organisers have kindly suggested that the good cause could be the support we are giving to Mike Yemba Soro.

If you would like to take part, please e-mail me at, and I will send you the information and forms you will need.
The picture above is people arriving at Milton Abbas last year.

Chris (the Diocesan Accountant) has just let me know that he has sent over £500 to Nairobi for Mike, so we have more than covered his first year's costs. Well done everybody! The next target is to raise enough money to pay the next lot of fees in August. I am expecting what will look like a steep rise in costs for us, as the British pound has been declining steadily against other currencies. So any and all contributions will be very welcome.

If anyone else would like to commit to giving by standing order, (even if only once a year - even if just a small amount) please let me know, and I can provide the appropriate form for you.
Yours in Christ Jesus, Jenny