Friday, 31 August 2012

Mike volunteering in Diocese school

Dear Jenny,

Am so glad to hear from you, I know the recent Job you got has really kept
you guite for some time but never mind i understand that.

I will send your regards to my people a they will be so happy to hear hard. you have done alot and help them too.
yes there is a slight improvement in south sudan interms of exposure to education and health staff though there is still a lot pending for us to complete the knowldge i have acquired will be of a great advantage to our people,I can volunteer as a teacher in the Diocese school before i get a job and as i look for a job.
I hope things inprove back home soon
Thanks with love

Dear Jenny,

How are you doing?
I have finally defended my project and planning to go to South Sudan
I will be coming early October to cross check my units that was incomplete so that
i can be assured of the Graduation that will take place during this October period.

I am really grateful fro the support and everything you have done for me may God bless you all
accept an appreciation from me and on my relatives behalf for the effort you have done.
I will keep in touch with you when i get there and return back.
with love