Sunday, 31 August 2008

The limits of human power

Lord, you know that today I stand humbled before you. We tried to help, using our human resources and wisdom, and it was not enough. It was not nearly enough.

Father, engrave this lesson on our hearts: it is not our human strength or resources that the world needs, but your almighty and loving power. Help us to realise that we are merely poor and imperfect servants of that power, not its directors or masters. Imperfect as we are, Lord, we your Christian people ask that you would use us to speak mercy, peace and truth to the needs of our world.

Help us, Lord, to be really radically dependant on you.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

From poverty and weakness for the poor and powerless

Father, hear the prayer I offer for a young Sudanese orphan who, at the start of his first year of Unversity finds himself without the means to meet his fees. The deadline for payment is so close, Lord, that I know I am utterly powerless to take any practical action that will resolve this dilemma in time. But the universe and everything in it is yours. The cattle of a thousand hills are yours. I pray for Mark to be filled with assurance of your love and blessed by the provisions of your divine providence. Please Lord, could just a small herd be credited to Mark's account?