Saturday, 2 February 2008


Where have all the flowers gone?

Long time passing.

If only, like flowers, human beings could protest by lying down and dying when they have suffered too much.

If only, Lord, like the sky, we could be shiny and new after storms in our lives.

If only, Lord, like a computer screen, we could clear our memories of expeiences that are just too terrible.

If only, Lord, we could learn from our past to guide our future.

As none of these things are true, I pray you would be merciful to all the women and children who are innocent victims of war. Extend to them your compassion and protection as war passes over and through their homes, their families and their bodies. Breathe healing into their damaged hearts and lives and limbs, and new life into their ability to live in love and hopefulness.

Bless the peacemakers, the reconcilers and the reconstruction workers. Bless the encouragers, who dream dreams and paint visions for peoples and nations ravaged by war.

And forgive us, Lord, for all the wars we are guilty of, through word or deed or inaction.