Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sudanese Association

This is Mike with his fellow members of the committee of the Uni's Sudanese Association

Tee final academic requirements!

How are doing over there? hope everything is better and busy with work and the duties.
It's CATS week i started yesterday and will be completing this week then work on the remaining assignment that is pending. so far fairly done and hope to finish them next week.

I have paid my fees and registered for the semester 
(attached). every blessing to you hi to my friends over there

With love Mike

Friday, 17 February 2012

Mike's final year at Uni

Warmly Christian greetings from Kenya, how are you doing over there?
I am doing fine and proceeding well with my studies though it has become much tougher than before. 
I have finally received the money that you had sent before Christmas. I have paid my fees and my bills and will send you the receipt next time when i come with it. It had been delayed but i waited for it patiently. The office of CMS has always been there  to help me out when i need to get some money on loan, since they understand the situation over here.

It has been a stressing week. When i went for my progressive transcript from first year up to fourth(4) year, I found out three(3) missing units. (I will send it to you  soon). I have been following them up with the lecturers so that it doesn't affect me. My project is going well  though sometimes my Supervisor doesn't meet me since he is always busy doing other things.
hi to my friends over there and the family members

With love Mike