Saturday, 3 April 2010

Happy Easter season

Happy Easter season. I am doing good and we had a wonderful palm Sunday where we went to All Saints for prayers and I really liked it. I hope you had a wonderful march since last time the donkey had a problem and you did not have a march.
In the photo, the lady standing on my right is our CUEASA chairperson. On her right is the secretary and on the right of the secretary is a father called Father Yigga and a Sudanese lecturer in catholic university. WE have a sister putting on veil (taking the veil - JG) she is our treasurer responsible for the money we contribute whenever we have a get together. On my left (in the next photo - not this one - JG) is a Kenyan friend i invited to attend the get together. Mogga was our Vice chairperson. Others not included in the photo but I will send them if we meet on 10th. (CUESA is the Catholic University of Eastern Africa Sudanese Association - JG)
I liked to photos Mady have posted with Emily - they have done great for my support. I appreciate their work and you all before and during the Easter season.
About the trimester (I have said we couldn't at present fund 3 terms a year - JG) I understand how hard it is really to raise that lots of amount in a year. I understand and will continue with the semester program. Don't worry about that. I will go for a break to Sudan during the holiday and resume for the next semester and God willing I will complete through your support within the four years.
Soon you will be licensed a Lay minister and everything will be okay. What we need in life is to succeed in life and empower others in what they want to achieve. Soon the four years I am remaining will be over and you will be licensed.
I really appreciate what Julia has done and I will write to her for the great help she has done for me may God bless her and heal her through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ soon. I always prayed that one day God will touch the heart of his people to support me in my education. Now he has answered my prayers.
This Easter week I will be taking a tour to Naivasha around Kenya. It is a nice tourism centre where we shall be going with friends for a break. We will return to prepare for our Exams which is to start on 15th April. I ask for your prayers during the exams season. God bless you all.
yours Brother in Christ Mike

Thursday, 18 March 2010

e-mail from Bishop Francis

Lovely to hear from you Jenny regarding the weather conditions in your area and the growing flowers coming as it is surely the spring.

Yes, we always experience a new life every year and that our lives can be renewed too, especially when we soon will enter the Easter season. We hope that Lent has taken us more closely than ever in our journey and that we see new things happening and new life as we experience the new beginning.

You are right Jenny that Yemba will go on normally [i.e. for two terms per year - JG] and that he should rather be thinking of the possibility of getting in touch with any Christian organisation here in Juba so that when he is on vacation he will work to know his profession voluntarily before the next semester begins.

I will try to find an organisation like Tear Fund UK based in Juba, MAF-Juba, World Vision International-Juba. CMS is not operating here in Juba but in Nairobi. We need to encourage Yemba to do that so that he gets some experiences, and plans for his future work

God's blessings

Bishop Loyo

Sudanese association/ test results

How are you doing?

I know you are working hard for the trimester issue to raise the fund but I'm really sorry for putting you into that. If you don't raise on time or if it delays don't worry about that. I will continue with the semester program if not possible. Please don't be stressed.

I am doing a bit fine although for the past weekends we have been for meeting for Sudanese association. Catholic University of Eastern Africa Sudanese Association (CUEASA) is organised every year to welcome new students so that we can interact and get to know each other. It was fun and interesting to feel at home. Photos to follow.

I have just got my transcript results and it is not pleasing to me but hope to work well in the next semester. I really feel bad because you are really doing a lot for me and some things are not to expectation. I'm working for the end to be successful. Thank you very much for your support I appreciate what you friends are doing. God bless you. (Transcript to follow.)

Greetings to all family members

Your brother in Christ, Mike.