Sunday, 27 September 2009

Good news from Rokon

Mogga Loyo also e-mailed this week, to let me know about an environemental workshop that he had led in Rokon.
The background to this is the deforestation and environmental degradation inflicted on South Sudan by the occupying troops during the civil war.

South Sudan's Forestry Officers are working to grow seedlings to aid in the reforestation of their countryside. This picture shows Mogga (right) with his twin sister Kulang and a Forestry Officer.
Having wisely secured the backing of three local chiefs, Mogga's workshop got people thoroughly involved in planning for action. If I have understood correctly, one immediate outcome was the ceremonial planting of a seedling tree.
Please pray that the people of South Sudan will be able to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to rehabilitate their war-ravaged country.

Good news from Juba

This week Mike forwarded a news story to me, which told of a thousand illegal arms having been seized by the Government of South Sudan's security forces in Juba. The Minister of Internal Affairs said the search for these hidden weapons had been prompted by many killings carried out at night in Juba by men wearing military uniforms. Many people were said to have expressed happiness about a successful operation to improve security in Juba.

My question was:
I think and hope it is an answer to prayer. Do you? But what about the General tracking down the LRA and stopping them? I think that should be the highest priority. What do the people of South Sudan say about that?

Mike replied:
Through a joint prayer every thing will improve one by one [one thing at a time - JG]. i think it is just the start. they want to provide security in town areas then expand further .For the LRA i think it will take time because they usually come and cause problems then runs to Central African Republic whereby Sudan has no power to go and face them from another country we pray everything will be okay after some tome [time -JG].

Saturday, 12 September 2009

News from Mike and Mogga 12/9/09

Hi Jenny.
I think you are really having a nice time with your sister Clare but having a hard time over there like communication problem through the Internet.

This semester I am doing Bible studies which I am really enjoying because we are really learning a lot of things from the Bible. The first week we were given an assignment about the importance of Bible studies, for which I got 18/20, so I was very excited. The computer is really helping me a lot; thank you once again for the computer.

The situation in Sudan is getting better. When Mogga came back., he told me there was rain and although most plants dried up when the rain did not come back for some time, the vegetation is now green. As for the fighting, it has been solved by the government forces and people have come together, except in the eastern part of Sudan, which is rather remote. There is frequent cattle raiding.

I didn’t tell you that Mogga has organised a workshop which he went to facilitate and every thing went okay. It was about environmental activities/care of the environment.

I wish you a good family meeting. One day if we all achieve our goal we shall do the same, since we’re all far from each other. Insecurity in other places where other brothers and sisters are staying has hindered us as a family.

Greetings to everybody over there. God bless you all,

your brother in Christ

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Beginning of first semester, year 2

Hallo Jenny,
I am happy to hear from you too. I am really pleased about what you are doing for me.
I expect you are happy because your daughter is with you. Please send my greetings to all of them.
About this semester: I have not sent a receipt yet, because since our university always delays giving a receipt until they prove whether your cheques has cleared. When it is out I will send it to you immediately.
Mogga (Mike's foster brother who is a student at the same university) is now in Sudan but he will be coming in one week’s time. He is doing trimesters - that is three semesters in a year; not like my course which is two semesters a year. He has a break of two weeks a semester. We pray too for our country for what is taking place over there so that things will be okay.When are you completing your Bible studies? I think it will not take many years.God bless you for every thing you do.
Your brother in Christ