Saturday, 8 October 2011

Beginning of the final year

Pleasure to hear from you yes i have chosen a topic due to information that i can access and find out. i am currently on research to find out about the topic that i have chosen. [This is the role of financial institutions in the development of women's entrepreneurship - JG]

I registered the re-take unit just like other units for this semester. I have to attend classes, do the CATS and end of semester exams to get a new grade at the end of this semester.

The sister studying law is called Maria Gire. I think i wrote to you about her when she came to visit me here last year when she had completed high school. I think it a great opportunity for her and us all to get the chance to acquire adquate knowledge to serve our nation. iI we complete we shall be of benefit to our people at home.

Bishop Francis is doing better [having been seriously ill - JG] He had come to Kampala Uganda to complete his treatment and also to have a medical check up which will be every month. He will be going to South Sudan at the end of this month for the church mission.
We have been communicating with him and he is doing better compared to past when he had come back. we appreciate your effort in his support [I have applied for funding for medical expenses from the Personal Emergencies Fund - JG] may God bless you all

It is the cold season over here in Kenya with no rain. The place is really dry and most of the region is affected by drought but we hope for the best after a period of time.
This has made things double in price over  the past few months while Ii have been in South Sudan it has really become very hard for the people over here. we pray things will change soon.
Regard to all my friends over there    

With love Mike

Thursday, 24 March 2011

The new bank account

We have been blessed with very kind partners in our project, namely CMS Africa, who have very kindly agreed to receive and pass on funding for Mike. Lately, however, we have been having some problems getting money to Mike, and part of the difficulty seemed to be due to the fact that CMS had opened a new, Kenya-based bank account. After waiting in suspense for over a month for the money for the new laptop to arrive, I heard today that it is finally there, together with the fees for next term, which starts in August. Here is Mike's latest e-mail:

Am happy to hear from you I also received am e-mail from CMS about the delay in the fund I think the money will reach soon since the 1200 has reached it might be the delay in the banking system.
The new account hat CMS has opened is going to cost you much due to the high rates charged the idea of sending it large amount is better that is if the money is there if not then you have to take time and send what you have.

The money that you have sent is enough to pay for my end of semester expense and my fees for my next semester that is 117,500 ksh which is quite expensive but enough for the money sent. I appreciate your effort for the support. I feel so happy because my degree program is coming to an end since I will be joining fourth year on August.
Thank you

with love Mike

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Hope and a uture

All the South Sudanese I know worked very hard to make sure that they and all their friends and family could vote in the recent referendum. Mike was able to vote in Nairobi, his brother Mogga voted in Juba, and Bishop Francis, who was still recovering from brucellosis was in hospital in Uganda, but managed to vote in Kampala. There is now much joy and hope, but also a realisation that there is so much to be done.

Bishop Ezekiel (from Twik Diocese, I think) spoke at a training event last weekend, and reminded us that all - but all - of South Sudan's infrastructure was destroyed in the civil war, and many people do not even have a roof over their heads.

But Mike and Mogga remain indestructibly positive.

Mike is now in his third year of university, and so far has passed all the exams - he has some every single term! We have discovered that he and my sister share a love of Manchester United. Because of a childhood illness, Mike can no longer play, but he loves following Man United, and looks forward to their game every week.

A the moment, I am hoping to raise some extra money to replace his second-hand laptop, which has finally and irrevocably died. So far, we have sent over £8,000 in all, which has paid for university fees, and basic expenses like rent, books, travel and food.

Mike's latest message ends:We all need God's help in what we are doing May God bless you abundantly and your hands for the work you are doing God bless you all.