Saturday, 8 October 2011

Beginning of the final year

Pleasure to hear from you yes i have chosen a topic due to information that i can access and find out. i am currently on research to find out about the topic that i have chosen. [This is the role of financial institutions in the development of women's entrepreneurship - JG]

I registered the re-take unit just like other units for this semester. I have to attend classes, do the CATS and end of semester exams to get a new grade at the end of this semester.

The sister studying law is called Maria Gire. I think i wrote to you about her when she came to visit me here last year when she had completed high school. I think it a great opportunity for her and us all to get the chance to acquire adquate knowledge to serve our nation. iI we complete we shall be of benefit to our people at home.

Bishop Francis is doing better [having been seriously ill - JG] He had come to Kampala Uganda to complete his treatment and also to have a medical check up which will be every month. He will be going to South Sudan at the end of this month for the church mission.
We have been communicating with him and he is doing better compared to past when he had come back. we appreciate your effort in his support [I have applied for funding for medical expenses from the Personal Emergencies Fund - JG] may God bless you all

It is the cold season over here in Kenya with no rain. The place is really dry and most of the region is affected by drought but we hope for the best after a period of time.
This has made things double in price over  the past few months while Ii have been in South Sudan it has really become very hard for the people over here. we pray things will change soon.
Regard to all my friends over there    

With love Mike