Thursday, 24 March 2011

The new bank account

We have been blessed with very kind partners in our project, namely CMS Africa, who have very kindly agreed to receive and pass on funding for Mike. Lately, however, we have been having some problems getting money to Mike, and part of the difficulty seemed to be due to the fact that CMS had opened a new, Kenya-based bank account. After waiting in suspense for over a month for the money for the new laptop to arrive, I heard today that it is finally there, together with the fees for next term, which starts in August. Here is Mike's latest e-mail:

Am happy to hear from you I also received am e-mail from CMS about the delay in the fund I think the money will reach soon since the 1200 has reached it might be the delay in the banking system.
The new account hat CMS has opened is going to cost you much due to the high rates charged the idea of sending it large amount is better that is if the money is there if not then you have to take time and send what you have.

The money that you have sent is enough to pay for my end of semester expense and my fees for my next semester that is 117,500 ksh which is quite expensive but enough for the money sent. I appreciate your effort for the support. I feel so happy because my degree program is coming to an end since I will be joining fourth year on August.
Thank you

with love Mike