Saturday, 28 June 2008

Healing and works of power

Lord, I've noticed that there are a whole bunch of people for whom I want to pray for healing. Please show me how best to pray for each one of them. Please show me also who would be glad for me to pray with them, who would be glad for me to pray for them, and who, if anybody, should not be asked or told about my praying at the moment.

In your loving mercy, Lord, please pour out your healing power for my family, friends and neighbours who are in pain, illness, anxiety, disability, deafness and distress.

Lord, I pray also that you would show me how to bring together telling of your wonderful words of grace, mercy and peace, and the experience of your signs following. Please fill me anew with your Holy Spirit, that I may speak, work and pray for your kingdom on earth, as Jesus would speak, work and pray.

Saturday, 21 June 2008


Father, I pray again for Zimbabwe and all her people. I pray for your kingdom to come, and your will to be done in that suffering country, and for the people to be given relief from fear, violence, hunger, poverty, despair and all the oppressions of the Mugabe regime.

Thank you, Lord, that some food is getting to those who need it.