Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Romany Creed

Written by the Cranbrook Romanies, 2008
We believe
Jesus love is like a running stream
Flowing to all corners of the world
It flows high and it flows low
It reaches everywhere
Even to the desert
Jesus died for our sins
He is our Lord and saviour
And the only way to eternal life
We believe
The Father sent his only Son
To die for our sins
And we believe Jesus rose on the third day
And we believe there is life after death
Because Jesus conquered death
We believe
When you open your heart to Jesus
You will receive the Holy Spirit
Jesus will be with you every day
Good or bad
Keep your faith
Accept the Son
And you will accept the Father
And the Father will accept you
The Father lives inside the Son
The Son lives in the Father
We live in Jesus
And Jesus lives in us
Don’t matter what you’ve got
Or what you are
Jesus always loves you
And always welcomes you with open arms
You are nothing without Jesus in your life
Because you are not fulfilled without him
Accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour
There is nothing on earth better than being saved
And being re-born
And put into a new life with Christ
The best thing anyone can do
Is to be baptized into the name of Jesus
You have a new life
You sin is gone away
The old is gone
And the new life begins
Following the truth
Of a living person
The way the truth  and the life
When you find the treasure in your heart
You want to find others and tell them
To tell them the good news
That there is light even in the darkest places
We were lost and now we have been found
We were in the dark and now we are in the light
Jesus can turn your life around
Don’t matter what you’ve done
Your heavenly Father loves you
Because he sent his only Son to save us
When you come to God empty handed
Weak and vulnerable
God is then able to fill us and make us strong
Don’t believe in your own way
Gather with others to have fellowship
To remember Jesus
And what he came here for
When you gather together in fellowship
The vine grows stronger
But when you cut yourself off
You die
In the same way, you get lost in darkness
Jesus is like a candle
Shining in the darkest places
There is no storm and no wind
that can blow the candle out 
it only gets brighter
Black can cover anything
But it can’t cover the light of the word
We all have different gifts
That we all use in different ways
Come to your Lord with a joyful heart
Be open
Be as a child
Asking your Father
And your Father will give to you 
Be attentive
Listen to what is being said to you
And he will surely lead you the holy way
We believe that there are two ways to choose from.
One leads to life
And the other leads to death
The road that leads to life is the narrow way of Jesus Christ
God’s love is so high you can’t get over it
So low you can’t get under it
So wide you can’t get round it
Put all these things together and it makes a cross
The cross of Jesus
Jesus told us to make disciples of all people on earth
Baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
We break the bread and drink the wine
To share with one another
The remembrance of Jesus Christ
It is the bread of life to eternal life
And the wine is his blood shed for us
We believe Jesus is coming back.
Praise the Lord and Hallelujah
He is coming to judge the living and the dead
And to make a new heaven and a new earth
To claim his victory
All of his people
Love and respect your neighbor
As you would like your neighbor to love and respect you
We are learning to love and forgive our enemies
As God loves and forgives us all
All things in this world
 God created
The heavens and the earth
You and me

With thanks to Revd. Martin Burrell