Friday, 7 September 2012

Thank you, dear Friends!

Dear Friends,

How are you doing over there?

I am so glad to have the opportunity that you have offered for me to pursue my Education career in the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi-Kenya.
My greatest appreciation goes to the Almighty God for making my uncle Bishop Francis Loyo who has been more of a father to me from my child hood and grew up with him when i lost my father. He met Jenny and her Provincial members at the lambent conference and presented the need to support me and other people that need support in South Sudan. I highly appreciate your financial, spiritual and moral support towards my education when i was away from home. You have been everything to me and am so proud of you all for the kind heart that you have been given to support Gods people and those in need like me.

I have come to the end of my Degree programme with my University though i have some incomplete units that i had missing marks, I had to do a unit as a supplementary due to loss of missing units and that is my greatest worry since the exams was a bit tight but if everything goes well I will graduate on October. This is not the end of my education career i am willing to continue further with my MASTERS programme in future when i get an opportunity or through self-support when i get a Job.

I have acquired a lot from my education and have a big dream for our people in South Sudan am going to extend my support spiritually, socially or through projects that am planning to come up with after some times with my people in South Sudan. There are many needy people at home who have the ambition but lack support to achieve. You have not only supported me but our people at large we are the future of our people. 

I appreciate everything you have done for me we shall continue shall always be friends in Christ, share ideas and support each other when the need arises. God bless you all and grant you with more than what you have done for Gods people. Thank you.

With love