Thursday, 20 August 2015

Free me Lord, by Kelly Sarah Ltn

Free me lord 
For I feel so trapped 
Living in a house 
When I sooner be back 
Where the wild winds flow free 
Where the birds sing 
From Swaying trees 
Where nature is my only home outside the trailer 
That's where I belong .
I miss the open fields 
And the open skies
So blue 
I miss the earthy
Smells and the morning
Sweet dew 
And the chavvies smiles
Running about 
Not a care to be had
Those are the days 
I wish we still had 
Where mummy and me 
Would sit outside 
And could hear the waves 
Turning of the Crashing tides
Where family would meet 
And gather at night 
Sing many songs 
With star filled nights
Oh my father let this 
Be Our family 
Go back To the land and the free xxxx
Klee x