Thursday, 30 November 2017

Travelling Home to Heaven

I am putting together a book called (for now) "Travelling Home to Heaven". If you are a Romani or a Pavee, it's a chance for you to share your faith, your experiences, your thoughts, your stories or stories of people who have inspired you. All contributors can have as many copies as they like at cost plus post and packing, and sell it for any price they like. But the point is not about making a profit. I am on my last days,(with an incurable illness) so before I go on my own road to heaven, I would like to create something to help Romani or Traveller people who wonder what faith is all about, and what it means in our lives, and also to make all the churches aware of the deep spirituality of our nomadic cultures, and how far away some of them are from speaking to it. Will you help? If so, please leave a message in "Comments" below, and I will send you my email address.. Likewise, if you can contribute a photo for the front cover or for a story.