Sunday, 26 April 2009

Mike Yemba's first year exam results

Thank you very much for every thing. I started my exams last week and I am now left with two units to complete for the semester, and wait for the next semester. Every semester we do a total of six units as it keeps on increasing; if we reach third and fourth year it will increase to seven units. I am not really happy because I have not got the results I expected.
(Mike actually passed everything - with 2 Bs and 3 Ds.)

I am trying my best that I work harder and get the best that I can as seen from the results sent. Some of the results were not recorded due to the disappearance from the computer. The lecturers do not have a copy - that's why they were not recorded; so we (the whole class) are expecting to re- do it again so that it will be recorded. I am planning to meet Robin but I think he is too busy, so I don't know what to do because after finishing the computer course I will then plan to travel to Sudan. (This refers to Robin Bragg, who is in Kenya at the moment, and who successfully delivered a donated laptop to Mike.) I pray the plan you are laying goes successfully for the benefit of the people. May God lead you all in what you do. (This refers to the benefice's Mission Action Plan - which every parish and benefice in the Diocese is currently working on.)

God bless you all. Greetings from Mogga and the rest.

Your brother in Christ, Mike

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Prayer for peace

Bishop Francis has asked us to go on praying for the peace of Sudan.Please pray in your own way, or perhaps you'd like to say "Amen" to my prayer:

Father, I know that our Sudanese brothers and sisters have treasured Christ's peace in their hearts, even as the civil war raged around them. I pray that his love and peace may continue to be very real for them, as they work to build the human peace. Sometimes that peace must seem so fragile, and so threatened. I pray especially that you our mighty God will overrule everything that threatens the comprehensive peace agreement.

A word from Bishop Francis

Lovely to hear from you Jenny.

While mama Linda is preparing to leave for the Sudan, I was grateful that she was able to communicate with you and I think it is good that Internet has made communication easier to reach each other.

Yes, indeed God has some purpose for the link with the diocese of Rokon, where we need to share prayers together and so giving us all strength that we may need in this Ministry

We also thank you for your support in sending Mike the laptop for his private use.

Thank you and may the Lord bless you all including the Rector and the Christians. Enjoy the lovely weather of UK.


Bishop Loyo.

A Beautiful Easter and a happy meeting

Mike writes:

How was the beautiful sunny Easter? We had a beautiful sunny Easter too.We organized and met with Robin at the Airport unfortunately we did not have enough time to talk since they had organized to proceed to Nakuru. It was a pleasure to meet with a new friend and I was happy to see him. We are organizing to meet after my exams, if every thing goes well, so that we can have nice time together.I got the laptop and it is so nice that it can facilitate my activities effectively in my education. I thank you all for the special gift you have given me.Greetings to all the friends and the family members. Your brother in Christ, Mike

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Greetings and good news

Dear All,

Mike's latest e-mail is below. I'm just adding a few lines as well to let you know that I successfully met up with Robin Bragg (from Blandford Evangelical Church) who flew to Nairobi yesterday, taking with him an excellent laptop, with all the add-ons you could possibly think of, which he hoped to be able to hand over to Mike as he (Robin) landed, and before he started on the next stage of his journey. Robin's son is spending 10/11 weeks as a teaching assistant in a school somewhere north of Nairobi, where Robin used to be the chaplain, and Robin will be undertaking some chaplaincy duties. Robin has said he would be happy to come out to talk to us about their experiences when he gets back, so I'm hoping that it may be possible to issue an invitation to him to do so. Happy Easter to you all, and thank you for your continued support and prayers,

Love, Jenny

Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 06:53:22 -0700From: yemmicloyo@yahoo.comSubject: RE: Happy Easter preparationTo:

Dear Jenny'

Happy Easter week How are you doing over there?Thank you very much too for keeping me busy too through the e-mail. I appreciate what you are doing to me. I praise God for making things be okay on my side through you. The exam results are out and ours will be distributed soon but I do not know when, because every body is preparing for the exams. I will inform and update you and send it if it is out thank you for the patience. Greetings to every body and wish them happy Easter.your brother in Christ Mike

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Happy Easter - Prayer request- exams soon


How are you doing over there and the family at large? I think you are very busy running up and down for the preparation of the Easter days.

We are soon starting our exams that is the second week after Easter. As you will be preparing for the Easter you should put us in your prayers as I am preparing for my end of first year exams soon.Wish you a HAPPY EASTER and everybody over there in your congregation.Your faithful brother in Christ MIKE

A word of explanation

You may like a few words of clarification from me, Jenny.

First, the computer. This is a laptop that has been kindly donated by Robin, our Rector, then checked and refurbished (if that's the right word?) by Jim McIntosh. We are hoping that Robin Bragg, who is going to Kenya shortly on behalf of Blandford Evangelical Church, will be able to take it with him to give to Mike Yemba.

Second, the photos. I'm trying to take photos of all the kind people who have supported Mike, and to send them to him, so that he gets an idea of who we all are, as well as us getting to know him.

God bless you all! Jennyxx

Sister Maria - sending a laptop - working hard

We had a wonderful time with our sister. She is called Maria Gire. She completed her secondary school and she came to visit us. She has been at home and when Mama Linda came back, she was also given the chance to come and visit us. She is now 19.

The computer will be of a great advantage and will help me in a lot of things to be done. I will be grateful if you work it out for me.
About the postal address I will confirm and send it to you soon.

I am really trying my best by working harder to achieve what I want. We always have assigments almost every weekend to keep us busy on the different units to be done.
Greetings to every body and the family members
Your brother in Christ Yemba

A visit from my sister - a photo from Marion - Mothering Sunday

Christian greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We are all doing fine with Mogga and our sister who is on her long holiday after completing senior four. She has come to visit us and will be going back soon.

How was the mothering season? I wish I could be there to give you some flowers too but wish you the same for the help support and care you have given me. I wish I knew the mothering season so that I could also remember you all. May God bless that day.

I received Marion's wonderful electronic photo. How about you making a permanent copy for me some time and sending it to me please?
I will be grateful to see your photos.

Greetings to all family members
Yours brother in Christ